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11/26 /// 4 ways Yellow Pages Canada is screwing you up without your consent -

Recently, a new client of mine in Vancouver Canada brought something puzzling to my attention and needed my help to decipher across various discrepancies while they were working with Yellow Pages Group (YP) Canada with regards to their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) AdWords Campaign. As I was collecting many data points, I thought it would make sense to warn people on working with YPG as they may be double dipping in your wallet behind the scene. I basically was tasked to reverse engineer all aspects of their contractual agreement as YP Canada were unable (and probably unwilling) to shed any lights over a large number of data points. That in itself seemed troublesome enough to me to raise many red flags so here they are. 

09/29 /// SEMPO Cities Vancouver Mini-Conference: October 27, 2015: Digital Marketing Think Tank

10/06 /// SEM-SEMPO Vancouver Meetup: October 14, 2014: Demystifying Bing in Canada & Technological Revolution

12/12 /// SEM-SEMPO Vancouver Meetup: December 17, 2013 The Inefficiency and Opportunity of Intraday PPC Bids


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SEMPO Cities Vancouver Mini-Conference: October 27, 2015 at Steamworks in Gastown (375 Water Street) on Bing Platform Review and Product Road Map & SEO in a Mobile-First World, Multilingual SEO and More.

SEMPO Vancouver SEM Meetup: October 14, 2014 at Microsoft Office in Downtown Vancouver

SEMPO Vancouver SEM Meetup: October 14, 2014 at Microsoft Office in Downtown Vancouver (1111 West Georgia St. Suite 1100) on Demystifying Bing Ads in Canada & PPC Management Technological Revolution with Acquisio & Predicative. 

Client Testimonial

“I found Alexandre easy to work with and passionate about Search Engine Marketing. To him, SEM is an adrenaline rush; the ideal attitude for a SEM expert. His knowledge of the subject was excellent and he delivered the results. In the few months that he worked on our business, he lowered our cost-per-click, increased our traffic and improved our conversion rate. Can’t ask for much more than that.”

/// Eric Lowe
Online Marketing Specialist
Tourism British Columbia

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“Alex is so passionate about what he does, his enthusiasm is contagious! I can honestly say that I had some doubts about what Alex suggested. I did not see the need and was concern about costs. Alex took the time to patiently educate me on the subject of Search Engine Optimization, Website Ranking and Link Building. I did not even know what these were a year ago and now I even have my own blog! I am certainly beginning to understand better the value for his help and how to achieve a better internet presence. I am confident that Alex’s fee and his internet marketing strategies are time and money well spent. Our website ranking for Financial Planning Vancouver and Retirement Financial Planning Vancouver, engine search is improving. I am quite pleased to see how fast this is happening and that we have a plan to make it to the top! If you need a presence on the net, Alex is your man!”

Odette Morin
Founder & Senior Financial Planner
YOU FIRST Vancouver Financial Planning

“Alex presented his dynamic and interactive workshop called “eMarketing101: Preliminary Steps” to our entrepreneurs in training at the YMCA New Ventures Network.  Everyone was in awe of his vast knowledge about the subject of search marketing and they now understand how critical using the right keywords in their website can be.  Alex has a great depth of knowledge and years of experience helping businesses to optimize their websites.  His passion and enthusiasm for his business came through in the presentation. He was patient, intuitive and very helpful with all participants.  We would recommend his workshops to other self employment training programs and to entrepreneurs that want to take their business to the highest level of success.”

Cheryl McNicol
Business Advisor
YMCA Vancouver Downtown

"Alexandre Brabant is one of the most brilliant e-marketing tacticians I have encountered. If you want to roll out a new marketing channel, Alex can make e-commerce work for your business. If you want to drive targeted sales volume, Alex will position you to see huge results. If you want to capture customers at an ROI beyond compare, Alex will show you how.

I heartily recommend Alexandre Brabant and eMarketing101.ca as the premier e-marketing and search engine marketing partner you need to be working with to see optimum results."

James Sherrett
Boxcar Marketing

“Alex presented his SEO 101 - Back to Basics seminar to a packed house of entrepreneurs at eBusiness Connection. His 90 minute seminar taught the fundamentals behind search engine marketing and gave the audience a head start on marketing their new ventures online. Since working with Alex as a speaker at eBusiness Connection, his name continues to pop-up when talking to others in the tech industry and their comments are always glowing and tend includes words like brilliant, expert, and passionate. Enough said.”

Robert Lewis

“Alex is a very passionate individual and his ability to share his SEO knowledge is a blessing to anyone who gets the opportunity to be educated by him as I did. Yet, what might be his most outstanding asset is his ability to recognize a good idea when he sees one - and this is what I believe makes Alex a great asset to anyone searching, if you’ll forgive the pun, for results.”

Emanuel Krebs

“I found Alexandre easy to work with and passionate about Search Engine Marketing. To him, SEM is an adrenaline rush; the ideal attitude for a SEM expert. His knowledge of the subject was excellent and he delivered the results. In the few months that he worked on our business, he lowered our cost-per-click, increased our traffic and improved our conversion rate. Can’t ask for much more than that.”

Eric Lowe
Online Marketing Specialist
Tourism British Columbia

“Alexandre is the synonym of passion! He definitely has the drive for Search Marketing and he is always on top of the market, the news and tendencies. He is able to adapt the strategies and identify the directive lines to conduct a Search Marketing campaign to success! He is the most passionate Search Marketing guru! You would be shocked with everything this master has accomplished ”

Sonia Fecteau
Credit Service Manager

“Alex Brabant has greatly impressed me on the importance of search marketing to increase my industrial customer base.  He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and really takes the time to explain all the intricate details.”

Mario Beaudoin, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Manager
Nanofabrication Facility
Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory

“Alex presented a session at Educacentre for our start your own business program and everyone loved it. Among other things he presented, he showed our students how to select a keyword-rich domain name which was timely and relevant in the preparation of their business plans. Alex’s very dynamic 3 hours session taught the fundamentals in understanding Search Marketing to an engaged audience, who ask a lot of questions. His Powerpoint presentation was well structured and easy to follow. His deep knowledge of search marketing was very helpful to our students and we recommend other start your own business programs to do the same.”

Suzanne Vaudrin
Programme Ętre en Affaires
Coordonnatrice / Coordinator

“Alex is a rare talent. He is creative, smart and energetic and gets the job done. He understands Search Engine Marketing inside out. He has a true passion about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to grow the business with lots of creative ideas. Alex understands all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and what is required to grow the business and create new customers to an existing product portfolio. When we worked together we were in a position where we had to regularly understand new mobile business models and on-line marketing techniques. Alex always generated deliverables that were above and beyond what was expected of him. The environment was a challenging one, full of resistance from our internal customers and stakeholders. In the end, not only did Alex win them over, but he also won their respect. He has achieved phenomenal success. I highly recommend his skills on any position.”

Christine Kovacs
Product Manager - Wireless

“Nobody knows the ins and outs of Search like Alex. He’s the guy!”

Sandy Fleischer
General Manager
Fjord Interactive Vancouver

“Alexandre is a true Search Marketing evangelist. He understands all facets of the medium with great enthusiasm and passion. His in depth knowledge of how to plan and implement successful Paid Search campaigns is definitely an asset for the clients he works for. I would definitely recommend Alexandre.”

Carolyn Cramer
Sales Manager
Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada

“While I’ve only just started to work with him, I know Alex is going to be a great asset to our shared project. He’s going to deliver excellent results and has an amazing insight into the SEM industry.”

Travis Smith
Web Developer

“From the numerous conversations and meetings I have had with Alex over the years as well as having the pleasure of co-founding SEMPO Canada with him, I can honestly say that his grasp and in depth understanding of SEO and SEM is some of the best I have encountered. I would highly recommend Alex as an excellent choice if you are looking for a professional search engine marketing specialist.”

Ken Jurina

“Alex Brabant was my colleague and we met through the advertising industry.  He is passionate about Search Marketing, determine to increase everyone’s knowledge and the use of SEM in Canada.  See how visionary he is.  He has a talent when it comes to teaching and talking about SEO and SEM, it is probably due to his great ability to make it sound so simple.  Alex is a great teacher and one of the best in his field in Canada.” 

Tania Stiperski
Advertising Industry
Vancouver (BC)

“Alex is such a champion of Search Marketing this Yahoo! ad says it all:

Alex Brabant
Extremely Passionate & Knowledgeable Search Marketer, stellar guy too!

Mark Lajoie
Senior Account Executive
Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada

“Alex was, and still is, the best search engine marketer I’ve ever worked with. He’s so much better than other people who call themselves search engine marketers. And, if you hire him, you’ll see how they’re leagues apart in results.”

James Sherrett
Director, eCommerce
Resort Reservations Network (Intrawest)

"I found the search engine marketing seminar very informative and content-rich. At the same time it wasn’t overwhelming. You nicely "grounded" every piece of information, so I could see how to use it. I got great value out of the program."

Tom Varjan
Dynamic Innovations Squad

"I thoroughly enjoyed Alexandre’s eMarketing seminar, both for its content and for Alexandre’s informative and enthusiastic presentation style. I came away with a broad overview of what is involved in successfully marketing a website, which is exactly what I was looking for. My eyes have been opened to the importance of incorporating current internet marketing strategies into the design of a site from the ground up. I would recommend this seminar to anyone wanting an introduction to this critical piece of the eCommerce puzzle."

Barbara Sabathil
Internet Evangelist

"This is just a few words to thank you for an extremely informative and colourful seminar on e-marketing the other night.  I first thought that 4 hours would be long and maybe a little boring but I was surprised when I realized it was already over.  I would have taken more. As a "non expert" I found your seminar easy to follow and a real eye opener. As a result, I left with a better understanding of what it takes to improve the position of my site on search engines and realized the importance of keeping up to date in that area.  I feel that my e-marketing dollars are better spent and I am getting a better return on my money. Again thank you for and informational and entertaining evening."

Johane Thibault
General Manager
Holiday Inn North Vancouver

"I have attended two Vancouver eMarketing 101 presentations by Alexandre “Alex” Brabant and would highly recommend this seminar to anyone involved in Marketing.
Alex’s knowledge about eMarketing through his background as Intrawest’s eBusiness Marketing Manager is extremely valuable. The presentation educates individuals about eMarketing myths and how to maximize the return on a marketing investment. I gained more knowledge about online marketing at the Vancouver Vancouver eMarketing 101 Seminar than from all the combined marketing lectures that I’ve attended in the past" If you have questions regarding my comments about Vancouver Vancouver eMarketing 101 please phone me at (604) 855-1001 or email Info@FlyAbby.com."

Ross Brown B.T.M
Marketing Coordinator
Abbotsford Airport

“Alex’s presentation on e-marketing was timely and relevant for those attending, and was generally well received. His presentation style encouraged active participation by the audience, who had ample opportunity to have their questions and concerns addressed. Despite the presentation being during dinner, audience attention was very high, probably given the relevance of the topic to the industry at this time. Alex was highly energetic, thought-provoking, challenged the audience to take a fresh look at their internet presence, displayed a tremendous sense of fun and demonstrated intense knowledge of his subject. The end result was a highly engaged audience that left with actions to improve their website presence and a new-found knowledge of e-marketing"

Kevan J. Ridgeway
President & CEO, Vancouver Coast & Mountains Annual General Meeting, Powell River, (BC)

"Alexandre Brabant est un génie du référencement et de l’optimisation de site. Vous serez présent sur le net comme jamais."

Patrick Gaulin
Directeur Général
Le Club d'investisseurs immobiliers du Québec

"I first got to know Alex on a business level working with him as part of my marketing team. From the moment I met Alex I was struck by both his enthusiasm for business and his clear understanding of the e-Marketing world and the importance of search engine optimization. Alex sets high standards for himself and his clients. His zest for live is reflected in both his personal and professional life. Alex delivers on his promises."

Bridget Phillips
Marketing Coordinator (Youth business developer)
Intrawest Corporation

"The difference between professional Search Engine Marketing and no SEM is very simple: high amounts of traffic on your website versus almost no traffic. Alexandre Brabant from Vancouver eMarketing 101 made it easy to understand, to arrange and to maintain. Vancouver eMarketing 101 first endeavours to understand your business in order to realize your specific goals (sales, branding etc.). All costs are visible, the ROI is easy to track and based on that necessary website changes can be done fast and very effective. The guiding through the setup process was perfect and ongoing customer service is an important issue in his company. Very essential for small businesses is the fact that the level of investment into SEM can be adjusted according to financial needs and workforce available. This is stress-free maintained by a high level of personal contact - on both sides."

Vivian Vilich (PhD) & Dagmar Schulze
Luxury Adventure Vacation BC

"I felt that eMarketing was working for my company and proving it! I looked forward to receiving the weekly tracking reports; they were easy to follow and proved business was growing. We were actually able to calculate our Return on Investment weekly with these reports; this is a huge advantage over any other marketing initiatives. I found working with Vancouver eMarketing 101 to be a very simple solution for marketing any website."

Julie Tingate
Sales & Marketing Manager
Landsea Tours: Whistler & Vancouver BC Sightseeing Bus Tours

"Alexandre Brabant of Vancouver eMarketing 101 has forever changed how our company does marketing on the web. His knowledgeable services have delivered well beyond our expectations and have helped grow the company in numerous ways. Everything was well explained, 100% tracked and, more importantly, delivered results. Alex understands search engines on a deep level, knows what he’s doing, has a passion for what he does and it clearly shows in the results. Working with Alex was a pleasure and he took the time to understand our business. I would highly recommend Vancouver eMarketing 101’s services to anyone looking to begin or expand their online marketing."

Kevin Snell
Whistler.com Ski Accommodations Central Reservations

"A key part of Landsea’s E-marketing campaign is search engine optimization; ensuring that travelers who use the internet to find Vancouver sightseeing tour information get directed to our vancouvertours.com web site first. For each $100.00 invested in web-based marketing, I want to see $1,000.00 in business directly attributable to that investment. With an Email address and toll free phone number noted only on the Landsea Tours web site, I know that any business from those sources can be attributed to our web-based marketing. For the past two years, with an ever-increasing investment, Landsea Tours has been at or near the required 10:1 return on that investment. I understand the basic principals of search engine optimization and electronic marketing, but Alex Brabant (E-Marketing 101) makes it happen. He is part of the “Landsea Tours E-Team”, working with our external “Web Master”, our server tech-support contractor and internal sales & Marketing Manager, Melissa Pace. I highly recommend Alex and his ability to drive more traffic to specific web sites. Please contact Scott Mason:
scott {at} vancouvertours {dot} com if you require more information. We may also be reached by phone at 604-255-7272."

Scott Mason
President & Owner
Landsea Tours: Whistler & Vancouver BC Sightseeing Bus Tours

“We think Alex is great. He’s very good at SEM and SEO.”

Travis Smith
Web Developer
Hop Studios

“Alexandre is one of the most focused individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His determination and dedication to get his ideas to fruition are second-to-none. In terms of eBusiness Marketing initiatives, if you ever need anyone to help you get something done with excellent results, Alexandre is the one to talk to.”

Marco Battilana
Web Content Producer
Resort Reservations Network (Intrawest)