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Recently, a new client of mine in Vancouver Canada brought something puzzling to my attention and needed my help to decipher across various discrepancies while they were working with Yellow Pages Group (YP) Canada with regards to their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) AdWords Campaign. As I was collecting many data points, I thought it would make sense to warn people on working with YPG as they may be double dipping in your wallet behind the scene. I basically was tasked to reverse engineer all aspects of their contractual agreement as YP Canada were unable (and probably unwilling) to shed any lights over a large number of data points. That in itself seemed troublesome enough to me to raise many red flags so here they are. 

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01/26 /// Online & Social Media Specialist - University of British Colombia (UBC) - Vancouver (BC);
University of British Colombia (UBC) (Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia)

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SEMPO Cities Vancouver Mini-Conference: October 27, 2015 at Steamworks in Gastown (375 Water Street) on Bing Platform Review and Product Road Map & SEO in a Mobile-First World, Multilingual SEO and More.

SEMPO Vancouver SEM Meetup: October 14, 2014 at Microsoft Office in Downtown Vancouver

SEMPO Vancouver SEM Meetup: October 14, 2014 at Microsoft Office in Downtown Vancouver (1111 West Georgia St. Suite 1100) on Demystifying Bing Ads in Canada & PPC Management Technological Revolution with Acquisio & Predicative. 

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“Alex is so passionate about what he does, his enthusiasm is contagious! I can honestly say that I had some doubts about what Alex suggested. I did not see the need and was concern about costs. Alex took the time to patiently educate me on the subject of Search Engine Optimization, Website Ranking and Link Building. I did not even know what these were a year ago and now I even have my own blog!”

/// Odette Morin
Founder & Senior Financial Planner
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