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Digital Engagement Leader - Imagine 1 Day Charity (imagine1day.org) - Vancouver (BC) Canada

Company:Imagine 1 Day Charity (imagine1day.org)
Contact Name:Michelle Lazar,
Contact Email:.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Job Location:Vancouver (BC) Canada

imagine1day is a charity committed to the next generation of Ethiopian leaders by ensuring that all Ethiopians have access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030.  Our primary fundraising model is CREATRIBUTION(tm), which is a concept we created to allow individuals to use their unique passions and talents to garner contributions towards this important goal.  We are a small team of dynamic, entrepreneurial spirits who are committed to doing big things and having fun at every turn.

We’re seeking an ambitious and experienced individual to join our team as imagine1day’s Digital Engagement Leader.

You are a passionate leader in the world of digital communications, and you’re completely obsessed with social.  You consider your social presence to be part of your identity.  You have a deep understanding of, and a wealth of proven experience with, emerging online trends and culture.  Your big ideas and strategic thinking will cause imagine1day to take huge strides in digital engagement.  You are craving an innovative, groundbreaking environment where you’ll be working alongside partners in leadership, possibility, and, above all else, FUN!  As an integral part of imagine1day’s communications team, your contribution will elevate imagine1day’s brand and digital engagement to world class status.  You are aligned with and inspired by imagine1day’s vision of a world where all people are connected to their greatness.


* You’ll be our in-house mastermind on social media trends, both regionally and globally, for existing and emerging platforms.  You possess deep understanding of the digital space and you’re attuned to how other leading charities and brands are using social media in innovative ways.
* You’ll lead communications in social media, and across digital channels (including mobile).
* You’ll actively contribute in a powerful way to spreading CREATRIBUTION(tm) globally, through highly effective digital strategies and executions.
* You’ll craft original and compelling digital campaigns and content that works across multiple applications (web, social, mobile).  You will be an active player in furthering imagine1day’s plans to shift the model of charitable contribution.
* Your digital communications will drive revenue and brand engagement.
* You’ll help us elevate our digital engagement, such that our communities are inspired and delighted by every interaction.
* You’ll develop social channel style sheets that guide our social content and interactions.
* Understanding that you can’t do it alone, you will build out, manage, and inspire a volunteer support team in order to achieve your goals.
* You’ll manage website updates, and make recommendations for upgrades to our platform and the digital user experience.
* You’ll contribute to the design and implementation of compelling and informative project updates for donors and investors.
* You’ll actively contribute to a culture of innovation, excellence and accountability.
* You’ll represent imagine1day at various community events (including CREATRIBUTION(tm) events).
* You’ll ensure that all work is consistent with imagine1day brand standards and our awesome culture. 


* You have substantial and proven experience in social media, marketing, and digital communications (4-5 years +).
* You’ve put your post-secondary time in; you have a degree in business, marketing, communications, or another related field.
* You have successfully launched social media and mobile platforms / campaigns into the world, and you’re ready to prove out your experience.
* You have deep knowledge of social media strategies, technologies, platforms, services, and metrics.  You’re completely at home in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress, and beyond.
* You live for your online communities.  You blog, tweet, creep, pin, instagram, share, and know all about viral campaigns, mobile, and social networking.
* You have an appreciation for design and an aptitude for user experience.
* You’re a communication ace. You ask for clarity when needed, you leave nothing unsaid, and you see the power in listening. 
* You’re a natural connector - online and offline.
* You have an ability to grasp the beautiful nuances of imagine1day and your innate creativity produces outstanding digital, social, and mobile initiatives.
* You possess outstanding written and spoken communication skills. 
(You’re speeling and grammer are impecibal)
* You have experience in web design, with a basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, CSS, etc.
* You possess basic graphic design, photo and video editing skills.
* You have background working within an agency setting (not required, but a plus).

The successful candidate will be part of a small and successful team, and should demonstrate enthusiasm to multi-task and manage administrative tasks, while possessing a strong sense of initiative and excellence.  The position requires a high level of professionalism, leadership, teamwork and personal commitment.


This is a full-time position based in Vancouver, Canada.

Well-qualified and experienced applicants should send a resume and cover letter clearly outlining your personal qualities and attributes, past experience, and proven achievements as they pertain to the job description and essential criteria therein.
In addition to your (super creative, irresistible) resume and cover letter, please tell us about:

a. Your favourite blog
b. An organization you feel is doing social media well
c. The best online campaign you’ve seen
d. The first thing you’d change about imagine1day’s online presence
e. Your passion(s)
f. What your CREATRIBUTION(tm) would be

Please send (by email) your application to the attention of:
Michelle Lazar | mlazar@imagine1day.org

Applications must be received by July 18, 2012. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.  Please do not contact imagine1day to follow up on your application.

You might also want to check us out online…
w | www.imagine1day.org
f | www.facebook.com/imagine1day
t | @imagine1day